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Economics, Ethics and Technology: Approaches to Change the World (in Portuguese)

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A news article about a conference at which I gave one of the keynotes.

2018: Unherd

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Unherd reports on my recent GPID Working Paper  on GDP with Jacob Assa.

2017: The New School – Research Matters

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My research and blog was profiled on The New School Research Matters platform.

2016: UN News Centre

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My research on African debt was picked up and cited on the UN News Centre, as well as on the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis blog.

2016: Podcast on Responsible Finance


Here I’m interviewed by Debt Justice Norway on international finance and the UNCTAD Principles on Promoting Responsible Sovereign Lending and Borrowing (on which I once wrote a report).

2016: Is Development Possible In Capitalism? (NSER)


New School Economic Review editor Douglas McDonald covers the Debating Development conference that I led the organization of. Read more.

2016: Interview on Student Trusteeship

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Article by The New School Free Press on The New School bringing students on to the Board of Trustees. Read more.

2015: “Mål uten mening?” (Gjeldsbrevet)

Here I am interviewed by the Norwegian magazine, Gjeldsbrevet, about the purpose of global goals and the impacts of the Millennium Development Goals. Gjeldsbrevet is a bi-annual magazine produced by the Debt Justice Network, Norway. Read the article here or download the whole magazine (in Norwegian).

2014: “No democracy, no aid?” (Al Jazeera)

In this video I debate foreign aid and development with William Easterly, Daniel Kaufmann and Ken Opalo. Read more at The Stream.

2013: “U-landsgjelda blir gransket” (Journalen)

An interview with the Norwegian journal Journalen on a report I wrote on the Norwegian creditor debt audit (“Exportable“). The interview includes an audio clip.

2012: “Det er ikke bare Europa som er i krise” (Changemaker-magasinet)

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Here I am interviewed by the Norwegian youth organization Changemaker. The topic is debt crises.

2011: “Dotter av verda” (Åndalsnes Avis)

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A local Norwegian newspaper interviews me.

2009: “Kontroversiell norsk klimafinansiering” (Ny Tid)

Here I am interviewed by Ny Tid. The topic is the role of the World Bank in climate financing. More about Ny Tid.

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