The need to centre imperialism (2023)

I did an interview (The Need to Centre Imperialism) for the book Talking About Global Inequality: Personal Experiences and Historical Perspectives, edited by Christian Olaf Christiansen, Mélanie Lindbjerg Machado-Guichon, Sofía Mercader, Oliver Bugge Hunt, and Priyanka Jha.

On Development Economics (2021)

I did an interview on the field of development economics for the Danish branch of Rethinking Economics. Read the full interview here.

On the work of Samir Amin (2021)

The A Correction podcast interviewed me on the life and work of Samir Amin. Listen here.

Økonom etterlyser debatt: Ikke nok å lindre symptomene på global ulikhet (2020)

The Norwegian magazine on international development, Bistandsaktuelt, interviewed me about dependency theory and its relevance for understanding international development problems today. Read the interview here.

The Need to Centre Imperialism in Our Study of Global Inequality (2020)

Key Questions on Global Inequality is an interview series which asks public intellectuals from all over the world five key questions about global inequality. It asks about their personal background, the places they have worked and lived, and how these have shaped their views on global inequality. It also asks  some of the big questions of our age: what is global inequality, what causes it, and how to deal with it? Here is the interview they did with me: Ingrid Harvold Kvangraven: The Need to Centre Imperialism in Our Study of Global Inequality.

On the need to politicize development economics (2020)

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Prof. Dan Banik’s podcast In Pursuit of Development in August 2020. Listen to it and read more about it here.

On diversifying and decolonising economics (2020)

podcast photo 2

On February 27th 2020, the “Women in Science” project invited me to talk about diversifying and decolonising economics. This was a part of the Great Speaker Series campaign in Portugal in partnership with the British-born co-working space Second Home Lisbon. I outlines how D-Econ came to be, how I came to be interested in heterodox economics, and why and how the missions of diversifying and decolonising economics are so essential. Listen to the podcast here or by pressing the play button below.

On Microfinance and Trade (2020)

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In April 2020, I was interviewed for two episodes of the brilliant Danish Economics podcast Boblen. One episode was on microfinance and the other on trade.

On Development Economics and Experimental Economics (2019)

I speak with Lev Moscow about the Nobel Prize in Economics (and what it says about the state of the economics profession). A Correction is a podcast that is directed towards high school teachers and students, based in New York City.  Listen to the podcast here.

On the Economics Nobel for Randomized Control Trials (2019)

I appear on Doug Henwood’s political economy radio show, the LBO news. He picked my brain about the recent developments in the field of development economics and the work of Banerjee, Duflo and Kremer, in particular. This is a one-hour episode, with René Rojas being interviewed by the political demonstrations in Chile in the first half, and me being interviewed in the second half. You can download the podcast here or listen to it by pressing the play button below.

On researching and changing Economics (2017)

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The New School Research Matters platform interviewed Ebba Boye and I on our research and advocacy efforts.

On responsible finance (2016)


Here I’m interviewed by Debt Justice Norway on international finance and the UNCTAD Principles on Promoting Responsible Sovereign Lending and Borrowing (on which I once wrote a report).

On student trusteeship (2016)

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Article by The New School Free Press on The New School bringing students on to the Board of Trustees. Read more.

On global development goals (2016)

Here I am interviewed by the Norwegian magazine, Gjeldsbrevet, about the purpose of global goals and the impacts of the Millennium Development Goals. Gjeldsbrevet is a bi-annual magazine produced by the Debt Justice Network, Norway. Read the article here or download the whole magazine (in Norwegian).