Debt, Finance & Financialization

Peer-reviewed articles

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Working papers

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Book Reviews

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Book chapters

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Exportable – How To Make The Norwegian Debt Audit Transferable To Other Countries (The Norwegian Coalition for Debt Cancellation, January 2013)

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An Anti-Imperialist Call for Debt JusticeProgressive International,August 21st 2020.

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Bond to happen? Recurring debt crises in Sub-Saharan Africa and the rise of sovereign bond issuance (Righting Finance December 8th, 2016) (this piece was also re-published on Social Watch)

Are Norwegian Investments in Sovereign Bonds Responsible? (November 9th, 2016, SLUG)

The Trouble with Sub-Saharan African Debt (with Aleksandr Gevorkyan), Interfima, October 10th 2016 (this piece was also re-published and referred to on several other platforms).

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