Critiques of Economics & Methodology

Peer-reviewed articles

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Debate pieces in peer-reviewed journals

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Working papers

Assa, J. and I.H. Kvangraven. 2018. Imputing Away the Ladder? Implications of Changes in National Accounting Standards for Assessing Inter-country Inequalities, GPID Research Network Working Paper 14.

Popular pieces

Reclaiming Economics After Covid-19. (with Carolina Alves) Progressive International, August 14, 2020.

Why Do Economists Have Trouble Understanding Racialized Inequalities? (with Surbhi Kesar) Institute for New Economic Thinking, August 3, 2020

If we want to tackle global inequality, we need better economic theories, openDemocracy June 11th, 2020.

Impoverished economics? Unpacking the economics Nobel PrizeopenDemocracy, October 18th, 2019

200 Years of Ricardian Trade Theory: How Is This Still A Thing? Developing Economics, April 2017

Development Economics: A Study of Economies, Systems, or Methods? Developing Economics, August 2016

Why Isn’t The World Bank’s Choice of Chief Economist More Controversial? New School Economic Review, July 2016

How to Justify Teaching the Worst of Economics to Non-EconomistsNew School Economic Review, April 2015