Heterodox Economics

Debate pieces in peer-reviewed journals

Alami, Ilias, Carolina Alves, Bruno Bonizzi, Annina Kaltenbrunner, Kai Koddenbrock, Ingrid Harvold Kvangraven and Jeff Powell. 2022. International financial subordination: a critical research agenda. Review of International Political Economy.

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Alves, C. and I.H. Kvangraven. 2020. ‘Changing the Narrative: Economics After Covid-19‘, Review of Agrarian Studies. 10(1).

Working papers

Kvangraven, I.H. and C. Alves. 2019. Heterodox Economics as a Positive Project: Revisiting the DebateESRC GPID Research Network Working Paper 19, 2019.

Popular pieces

Why so Hostile? Busting Myths about Heterodox Economics (with Carolina Alves), Developing Economics, May 8, 2019

Marx’s Birthday and the Dismal Science: A Few Observations (with Carolina Alves), Developing Economics, May 2018

What Can We Learn From Alternative Theories of Economic Development? Developing Economics, January 2017