Worldmaking after Empire: The Rise and Fall of Self-Determination (discussant), Seminar Marxist Theory, March 2021

Decolonising Economics: What is it and how does it matter for Development Economics? February 2021

Decolonising Economics: A Guide to Theory and Practice (January 2021)

Decolonising Economics: What does it mean and how is it done? November 2020

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Crash Course on Dependency Theory, October 2020

A New International Development Paradigm. Online Summer Academy for Pluralist Economics, August 2020

Why so Hostile? Busting Myths about Heterodox Economics, May 2020

Globalization and the meaning of economic sovereignty (November 2019)

I present on “Financialization on the African continent: Partly Financializing, Fully Subordinate?” (from 18:22) in this panel with Harry Cross, Tony Obeng and Okoli Chukwuma, in Tunis, Tunisia. My presentation is based on this paper.

Keynote on the political economy of the SDGs. Rio de Janeiro, March 2019

Presentation on changes in measurement of GDP (on a panel with Desmond McNeill and Morten Jerven) (in Norwegian). Oslo, February 2019

Presenting a Critical Approach to Development Economics. York, UK, August 2018

“What Does Global Development Mean to You?” York, UK, June, 2018

“What Does Is the Future of Global Development?” York, UK, June, 2018

“Why do IGDC Values Matter for the Study of Development?” York, UK, June, 2018

“No Democracy, No Aid?” A Debate with Bill Easterly. Al Jazeera, 2014