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New podcast series: Hierarchies of Development

I recently started a podcast, along with my co-host Basile Boulay! The Hierarchies of Development podcast offers long format interviews focusing on enduring global inequalities. Conversations focus on contemporary research projects by critical scholars from across the world that help us understand how and why structural hierarchies persist.

We have two episodes out so far:

Episode 1: Environmental hierarchies

In the first episode we speak to Tejal Kanitkar (National Institute of Advanced Studies in Bangalore, India) and Leon Sealey-Huggins (University of Warwick, UK) about climate change and environmental hierarchies. Join us to learn more about the COP26, the racialised dimension of climate change, the issues around the concept of sustainability, and much more.

Episode 2: Labour hierarchies

In this second episode we speak to Rosa Abraham (Azim Premji University, India) and Lucia Pradella (King’s College, London, UK) about their respective work on the Indian labour market and the political economy of work in the Mediterranean region. Join us to reflect on some key contemporary issues surrounding work and migration, including the role of gender and imperialism.

Follow the podcast on your preffered platform to get information on the next few episodes (see here).

The podcast is supported by King’s College, London, the European Association for Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) and the Developing Economics blog, with special editing support from Jonas Bauhof.

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