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Samir Amin’s Legacy and Relevance Today (DSA 2019 Panel)

Please consider submitting to this panel on the legacy of Samir Amin that I am co-convening with Maria Dyveke Styve (University of Bergen) and Ushehwedu Kufakurinani (University of Zimbabwe) at the Development Studies Association (DSA) conference at the Open University, Milton Keynes, June 19th to 21st 2019.

Dependency, Eurocentrism and Delinking in a Financialized Global Economy – Interrogating Samir Amin’s Legacy and Relevance Today

The panel interrogates forms of subordination and dependency in the global economy, taking the work of the late Samir Amin as an intellectual starting point. How have structural conditions changed within the global economy, for instance with increasing financialisation and the rise of China? Can Amin’s contribution to dependency theory and his notion of delinking be fruitfully rethought within the context of financialisation? What are alternative and new forms of dependency theory that have emerged since its initial inception? Do(es) dependency theory(ies) still have any relevance for understanding the global economy?

We invite papers that engage with the intellectual openings provided by Samir Amin’s work, including dependency theory, Eurocentrism, and the relationship between theory and political practice. Panellists will also be invited to submit their papers for consideration in a book project on the legacies of Samir Amin’s work.

Submit here.

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