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Debating Development Conference

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Last month a group of us at The New School and the Institute for New Economic Thinking’s Young Scholars Initiative working group on Economic Development organized an interdisciplinary and critical conference on regional challenges and competing theories of development. The Debating Development conference brought together professors and students from a variety of regions, institutions, and disciplines. Read more about (and join!) the YSI Economic Development working group.

Coverage and footage of the conference

The student-run New School Economic Review covered the conference and wrote the following blog post: Is Development Possible in Capitalism?

You can see photos from the conference here (public Facebook page) and the video clips from the conference below:

Introductory remarks (short intro by myself, longer intro by Sanjay Reddy):

Regional Development Challenges Part 1 (Rex McKenzie on Sub-Saharan Africa and Jennifer Olmsted on the MENA region):

Regional Development Challenges Part 2 (Sanjay Ruparelia on India and China, Marcos Vinicius Chiliatto Leite on Latin America + discussion):

Competing Theories of Development Part 1 (Anwar Shaikh on Classical Political Economy & Jamee Moudud on law and development):

Competing Theories of Development Part 2 (Ian Taylor on Dependency Theory, LHM Ling on Post-Colonial Theory + discussion):