• The New School, New York, USA (expected 2018)
    PhD Economics
  • The New School, New York, USA (2015)
    MA Economics
  • London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK (2011)
    M.Sc. Development Studies
  • University of Oslo, Oslo Norway (2009)
    B.A. Development Studies and Human Geography
  • University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, USA (2008)
    Sociology of Development (exchange)
  • Gateway College, Paris, France (2006)
    One semester of French courses
  • Oslo University College, Hoi An, Vietnam (2005)
    One semester of courses in Development Studies


  • The New School for Social Research                                                                 
    Prize Fellowship (2015-18)
  • Norway-America Association
    The American-Scandinavian Foundation’s King Haakon VII Fund (2016)
  • The New School for Social Research                                                                               
    Outstanding M.A. Graduate Award in Economics (2015)
  • The Norway-America Association                                                                   
    King Olav V Birthday Fund Award (2015)
  • Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs                                                                            
    Scholarship for UN interns (2014)
  • Debt Justice Network Norway                                                                                             
    Abildsnesprisen (2014)


  • The New School, New York, USA ( Fall 2016)
    Teaching Fellow
    I designed and taught the class International Organizations and the Political Economy of Development, which is an upper-level undergraduate Economics class.
  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, USA ( Spring 2016)
    Adjunct Instructor
    I designed and taught the class Global Economic Development and Crime, which is an introductory undergraduate Economics class.
  • The New School, New York, USA ( August 2014 – May 2016)
    Teaching Assistant
    I led the seminar section of Professor Sakiko Fukada-Parr’s Development Economics class. This is a class for MA students in International Affairs. I taught it in Fall 2014, Spring 2015, and Fall 2015, and Spring 2016.
  • Barnard College, Columbia University, New York, USA (Fall 2015)
    Teaching Assistant
    I assisted Professor David Weiman with his “Introduction to Economic Reasoning” class, which is an undergraduate introductory Economics class.
  • The New School, New York, USA (Spring 2015)
    Economics Student Advisor
    Provided peer counseling and general advice to currently enrolled and prospective NSSR graduate students. The job involved coordinating faculty advising for new and continuing students, providing program information to continuing students; conducting orientation activities, and many more tasks to assist the Economics faculty and students.
  • The New School, New York, USA (2014 – 2015)
    Research Assistant
    I supported Professor Sanjay Reddy both with research and in his capacity as Director of Undergraduate Studies.
  • The UN Department for Economic and Social Affairs, New York, USA (2014)
    Research Intern
    During the summer of 2014, I provided research assistance for the Financing for Development Office of UNDESA. I focused particularly on domestic debt issuance in sub-Saharan Africa, a topic I myself pitched as an emerging and important topic within development finance.  My internship was fully supported financially by The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Debt Justice Network, Oslo, Norway (2011 – 2013)
    Political Advisor
    Analyzed trends in debt and development policies, provided information to the public on debt and development through media, seminars and lectures, was responsible for the organization’s website, convened and spoke at national and international meetings, planned and implemented advocacy strategies for relevant national and international processes.
  • University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway (Summers of 2012 and 2013)
    Guest Lecturer
    Planned and executed 1-day lectures on debt and development for students enrolled in the International Development course at University of Oslo summer school (MA/PhD level).
  • Re-Define, London, UK (Spring 2011)   
    Research Associate
    Provided research assistance on development issues for the Managing Director, Sony Kapoor
  • Jubilee Debt Campaign, London, UK ( Fall 2010)                                                                       
    Research intern

    Provided research assistance on export credit agencies and updated debt statistics on their website
  • ASK Project, AIESEC, Yaoundé, Cameroon (Spring 2010)                       
    International Trainee
    Carried out peer education projects, sensitized youth on sexually transmitted diseases, fundraised, and participated in various training programs. Involved a 6-month stay in Cameroon, working language was French.


  • Development and Change, Institute of Social Studies, The Netherlands (2016)
  • The New School Economic Review, New York, USA (current)
    Associate Editor
    Visit the website at: and see @NewSchoolEcon.
  • The New School Economic Review, New York, USA (2013-2016)
    Executive Editor
    Led the double blind editorial process, coordinate the associate editors, plan events.
  • Gjeldsbrevet, Debt Justice Network, Oslo, Norway (2009)
    Executive Editor
    Coordinate the writers, find photos, lead the editorial process, write articles. This is a biannual magazine so I edited two issues: 1/2009 and 2/2009.


  • The New School Board of Trustees, New York, USA (20162018)                            
    Graduate Student Trustee
  • Rethinking Economics Norway (2016current)
    Co-founder and member of executive committee (see website)
  • Young Scholars Initiative, INET, New York (2015current)
    I started the Economic Development group and I’m its coordinator.
  • The Economics Department of The New School (20142015)                 
    Student Representative
    Led student meetings and voice student concerns at Economic Department meetings with Faculty of the department.
  • Debt Justice Network, Oslo, Norway (2009)   
    Board Member and Member of Working Committee
    Contribute meaningfully to policy formulations and policy strategies, volunteer to do both political and administrative work.
  • Samfunnsviter’n, Oslo, Norway (2008-2009)
    Write articles and contribute to the editorial process of Samfunnsviter’n, which is the largest faculty newspaper at the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Oslo.


  • Launch of Agora, Litteraturhuset, Oslo, Norway (2017)
    Participated in a panel discussion with philosopher Arne Johan Vetlesen and political scientist Stein S. Eriksen
  • The New School/UMass Graduate Workshop, University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA, USA (2016)
    Presented “Dependency Theory – Outdated or Just Out of Fashion?”
  • Bond to Happen? Recurring Debt Crises in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Rise of Sovereign Bond Issuance, IMF Civil Society Forum (2016).
    Presented a report I had written and discussed the findings with the panelists Mark Flanagan (IMF), Richard Kozul-Wright (UNCTAD), Jose Oyola, and Tirivangani Mutazu (Afrodad). Here is a summary of the discussion written by the Bretton Woods Project (and here is a summary of the discussion in Norwegian).
  • Trade, Human Rights, and Development, Georgetown International Law Institute (2016)
    Guest lecturered for their summer school program
  • MDG Lessons for Post-2015, The UN World Economic and Social Survey (2015)
    Served as a discussant on the topic MDG lessons regarding economic policies
  • Development, Thought and Policy Event, The New School (2014)
    Presented “Global Development Goals: What, If Anything, Are They Good For?”
  • Southern Economic Association, 84th Annual Conference, Atlanta (2014)
    Presented “The African Debt Rush—Assessing Effects of Sovereign Bond Issuance in Sub-Saharan Africa”
  • The Stream, Al Jazeera, International television (2014)
    Debated “No democracy, no aid?” with Professor William Easterly
  • The Eastern Economic Association, 40th Annual Conference, Boston, Massachusetts (2014)
    Presented “The African Sovereign Bond Rush: Risks and Opportunities
  • Debt Justice Network Event, Litteraturhuset, Oslo, Norway (2013)
    Presented “Er den norske gjeldsrevisjonen relevant internasjonalt?”